This is it.  The man who made me decide to be a musician.  Vince Clarke of Erasure.
I first heard Erasure in 1987.  At that moment I decided that I would play keyboards for the rest of my life.  Anyone who has ever met me knows that Erasure is my favorite band and Vince Clarke has been my idol since I was 13.  So here I am, 18 years later and for the first time I have the chance to tell him what an impact he had on me.  All I could manage to squeeze out was, "Thank you for everything - For my life...for my career...for who I am today."  His reply? "Oh, you're too polite."  What a humble man.  Right afterward, I showed my friend Susan the photo in the digital camera.  I was so overcome with emotion I started to cry.  Susan asked me if I was OK.  All I could manage to say is, "This photo is the epitome of my entire life."

Rutger Hauer said it best in Blade Runner: "It's not an easy meet your maker."

Appearing on the televsion show, "Pan-Am" acompanying Karine Vanasse at the piano.

Daphne Rubin Vega's band when I first joined.
From left: Joe Passaro, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Tony Cruz, Me, Oliver Hoffer. (David Matos is taking the shot)

Leading the Duke Ellington Orchestra with an arrangement I wrote for a performance featuring Mike Minery

Daphne Rubin Vega with her 2004 Tony Award Nomination.

With my mentor and friend, Garry Dial.  One of the most amazing musicians I've ever met as well as one of the most amazing people.

With the legendary folk singer Terre Roche  of the Roches.  One of the sweetest people I've ever known.  She also has a cat with no tail, which is just cool to see.

Having a drink after a gig at the Supper Club with Felicia Collins (Guitarist from David Letterman's Band) and Lashelle, an amazing singer from down South!

With the amazing vocalist Machan.  She is the former frontwoman for the Smooth Jazz group, Hiroshima. Their album EAST is the first time I heard and fell in love with her voice.  And when I was at the tender age of 16, no less!  Can you imagine the thrill when I became friends with her years later?  She is also one of the sweetest people that I have the pleasure of knowing.  She's got two solo releases that are incredible.  Visit her website and check them out!

With Randy Jackson.  He didn't call me dawg, though.

Backstage with Mya.

With Tom Lord-Alge.  If there was ever music royalty, this is it. 

 With Pia Toscano

WIth the amazingly talanted and even nicer, composer and artist Fawn.  

With British dance star Luciana 

The back of my head before showtime at Radio City Music Hall.  With my snazzy, latex tiger shirt! 
Picture by: Matty Amendola!

Just before going onstage at the Gibson Theater in L.A.

With tap dancer extraordinaire, Mike MInery.

Practicing in the Green Room before going on at the Gibson Theater.

On stage with Kim Sozzi 

Dave Lindland and Rennie Xosa of the band RAINE.  From a gig we did out west.  Two fantastic people and musicians.  Rennie is another very talented bassist and Dave is also a talented producer.

Backstage with Kim Sozzi just before going on stage.

With Miss USA at a gig.

Sharing a beer with "China" Mana.  When it comes to drummers, there is no one else.

With Atsuko Yamano and Naoko Yamano of Shonen Knife.

 No, that's not George Foreman!  That's Charles Dutton!  I played an event in Manhattan that both he and Daphne Rubin-Vega were hosting.  I told him that I loved him in Alien 3 and he just looked at me funny.

 With Baba Booey when I played the Howard Stern Show.  He actually smelled nice.

With  Artie and Fred Norris from the Howard Stern Show.

With the band I played with on the Howard Stern Show with Robin Quivers.  On the far left is Danielle Zanghi, a fantastic vocalist and very popular session vocalist / voiceover artist.

 From Left to Right: Danielle Roeser, Buck Dharma (From Blue Oyster Cult), Me, Tracy Peer, Ken McGee, Scott Peer.

On a gig with Daphne August 6th, 2006.

With Bass legend Stefan Held and Guitar God David Matos.

Performing with Marty Thomas (I'm on top all the way at the right!  That's Stefan Held on the left Bass/MD, Dan Weiner on Drums and Dave Matos on Guitar)

With Russian rock star Chicherina, backstage in Maryland after a show.

On stage with Chicherina.

In Chung King studios laying a track for Daphne Rubin-Vega's album on Sh-k Boom records, "Redemption Songs".

The MoBros!
Hanging with the amazingly talented Morris Brothers during my birthday.  They just released a new CD.  Treat yourself and buy it here!

Vegas Baby, Vegas!
Sometimes the best parts of my career are the most unexpected.  I did a gig in Vegas and after we arrived, the director decided he wanted horns so I started making phone calls.  After a few calls, I ended up with these guys! From L. to R.:Me, Nathan Tenouye (tb), Danny Falcone (tp) and Jerry Merra (A. sx).  On top of being very professional and extremely friendly, these guys took a bunch of new arrangements I had hastily written in half a day and brought them to life in a way I couldn't have written!  Apparently they had been a horn section for quite a few years and it showed as it seemed that they were reading each other's minds.  You can't even put a price on that kind of experience.  They currently play with Sante Fe and the Fat City Horns as well as on a number of Vegas shows.  Additionally Danny Falcone is the son of Frank Sinatra's musical director Vincent Falcone so that was a nice little Vegas touch.  Wait...does that mean I'm connected to Frank Sinatra through 2 degrees of separation?  Hmmm.....

On tour - tired and filthy!  This as bad as it gets...

Before playing a show with Eran Asias, drummer for Scandal and Patty Smyth

Just jammin' one night...

I've flown on some ratty airlines...I'm just happy to be in one piece!

Jamming on a Hammond B3 at a gig in New Jersey at Kean University.

"Yooouuu!  You got what I neeeeeddd!"

Go Ahead and Laugh, but this thing is really a lot of fun.  I've named him "Excalibur".
Besides, Keiko Matsui plays one also and she's another idol of mine!

One night in a rock club...


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