Elaine K
Bare Bones, 2008

I Hate You Too (Track 1) - Rhodes and Hammond B3
Here I Go (Track 4) - Wurlitzer
Spent (Track 9) - Rhodes
Watching You (Track 10) - Weird Organ
I'm Sorry (Track 12) - Rhodes

  Ashley 1st

Lovin' Every Minute on Pedal Pushers Music, 2007.
The Sun Brings On A New Day (Track 6) - Piano and Hammond B3.
  Daphne Rubin-Vega

Redemption Songs on Sh-k Boom Records, 2006.

Piano, Hammond B3 and Synth.



Attack      Balance of Power*      Battle Plan      Impressions

Intro Cue      Serene      Tense and Scary      Victory

*Balance of Power is in Japanese, written for a soundtrack of an American videogame based on a Japanese cartoon series.  
Vocals written and performed by Miki Oji

Available for Performing, Copying, Arranging, Orchestration, Sequencing,
Composition, MIDI Setups and Troubleshooting, and Lessons
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